A Copywriting Academy Review that You Shouldn’t Miss

Copywriting Academy is a premier online course by Ray Edwards. In case you are not familiar with Ray Edwards, just know that he is one of the best and popular copywriters in the industry. As a matter of fact, his copy has already helped a lot of entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins and he has already sold million-dollar worth of products, and he has penned a lot of book on marketing and copywriting. In short, Ray Edwards is considered as a go-to copywriting guru. 

His newest course, Copywriting Academy, is actually a virtual world of writing wisdom that has over seventy lessons as well as bonus materials. In addition to that, it also covers all the basics of copywriting and it also walks you through how to properly write the different fundamental types of copywriting such as sales pages, letters, and even email funnels. Simply put, the Copywriting Academy course is really useful. 

Do not worry if you are not really sure about these things since in this course, you will be learning how to write, what to write, as well as what role each important copy piece plays. 

What Will People Learn in This Course?  

The Copywriting Academy course is made up of 8 modules and each module has several lessons, which will drill down into the real topic in much greater detail. Aside from that, the lessons have downloadable audios, videos, transcripts, slides, worksheets, and templates. The worksheets and templates are really great. In fact, some of them also have samples, which are tackled in the videos so that users can be able to see how mediocre copy can get jazzed up to turn into a great copy. In this course, you do not just learn what to do as you also see how to do it as well.  

Every module in this course also focuses on one certain part of the sales funnel. Here is a rundown of what every module covers: 

Module 1 – Quick Start 

This module covers what copywriting is, what it is not, as well as why you should not feel or act like a sleazy car salesman every time you write a sales copy.  

Module 2 – Irresistible Offers 

In this module, you will learn the true foundations of good and effective copywriting (namely, serving people who need and want what you have, opposing to setting up hard selling to customers who are not truly listening to you. 

Module 3 – Persuasion Blueprint 

In this module, Ray goes over his 2 frameworks, which make up all his successful copywriting process. 

Module 4 – Headlines and Subheads 

Ray explains in this module the basics of what makes good subheads and headlines as well as why they are very important. Aside from that, he also providers twenty-one tested and proven headline templates as well as some cool headline tools that writers will definitely find very useful. 

Module 5 – The Fascinator Factor 

Here, you will go over what persuasion points really are and you will know how to make these points magnetic. The templates that you can find here are definitely gold mine. 


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