Inboxr Review – Scam Or Legit?

Inboxr Review — Introduction

We all know Facebook has become. There are multiple billions of users on Facebook, and millions of them are active users. The increasing popularity of Facebook has made it among the marketing platforms.

With a base of viewers on Facebook, you can reach out to prospective clients. Facebook Ads are going well, but it’s only one way to come up with the fan base and improve the sales level.

What if build the email list and you’re able to make your Facebook page work automatically to generate sales? You will soon find the answer in this INBOXR Review out. The tool that I am going to share with you might be.

  • Product: INBOXR
  • Launch Date: 2018-Oct-03
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Niche: General

INBOXR is an all-in-one tool for Facebook marketing and management. Also, you can integrate this tool with your Twitter account to make it have the same features as your Facebook page.

This software tool is. And it works seamlessly with your social media accounts to create your management work more easy and faster. INBOXR does the marketing tasks on complete autopilot, freeing you from the repetitive and frustrating approaching and followup functions.

INBOXR can enable you build your database, send messages that are automatic, and to reach out to new and old clients. We’ll shortly have the following components are ned by a look at its features on this INBOXR Review.

Luke Maguire is an established leader in media marketing that is social. He’s also the author of digital products such as Live Leap, Instamate, and Socialite Pro. INBOXR is one of his latest products, which has been receiving the recognization from many digital marketers. Luke always set the effort. If it’s the case when it comes to INBOXR, let’s see.

Message all audiences

With a click of your mouse, INBOXR will send messages to both present and past inboxes. It can also drip supply the upsell on your requirement and feed the content.

It saves your time for sending each message. INBOXR allows for marketing campaigns on Facebook.

Boost the conversion

INBOXR comprehends the demand that is sending that is conditional. It may do the”if-then” tasks. Specifically, INBOXR can follow the past purchases, recommend the offers, and funnel users to the sales page.

Build your email list

The emails can collect and put them. There will be no need for checking and assessing the dictation. When the client accepts the discount, promo, or voucher, INBOXR will automatically add their email to your autoresponder and begin the follow-up.

Drip feed content

Similar to marketing, INBOXR will help you to build trust and loyalty from the customers. Additionally, it creates more fans and gives you more sales by providing your content occasionally.

One-click installment

INBOXR provides chatbot setup for all markets. You will not need to try to find a chatbot for your offers. In other words, INBOXR is a market for everything.

Comprehensive follow-up

INBOXR knows who you have just been in contact and who you haven’t. It will do the followup tasks to create the leads that are cold warm.

Upsell eCom store

This software tool can approach. It will suggest them other supplies that they might be interested in. INBOXR maximizes the earnings potentials, working 100% of its capacity to boost sales and conversion.

If you’re looking for a simple tool to manage all the social networking marketing tasks, INBOXR is for you. It eliminates the need for buying any tool to manage your pages or hiring anyone.

As all the tasks are completed on autopilot, INBOXR gives you more free time and resources to invest in a number of other things. INBOXR is also a newbie-friendly networking marketing tool that is social.

You will understand how it works as you get access to its platform. INBOXR offers all the features you want to conduct your social pages at an optimum way to make sales and generate traffic.

Inboxr Review Experience

I got this product from September 2018 and I used it for my company so you can trust anything that I review today.

Here is dashboard of Inboxr:

Inboxr Review

Now I’m going to use it to my main Facebook Fanpage: Greatest Digital Advertising Software Review

There are two important modules inside Inboxr, such as: Bot Training, and Lead Generation.

I will explain about two this modules in the beginning. For the rest, I will explain them.

Currently, Inboxr supports Twitter and Facebook,and I belive it will add networking accounts that are social .

As my screenshot above, it is possible to manage all of your facebook fanpages. And today I’m going to link my FB page below:

1/Bot Training:

There are 5 segments inside this module, such as: Keywords, Sequence, Broadcasts, Welcome Message, and Error Message.

a/Welcome Message:

Here you may set up a welcome message every time a new visitor enjoys your Fanpage and say anything at first.

Here is dashboard of the section:

Below some choices below, you can set up your message for this message:

Now I’m going to set up a welcome message by”picture +text”:

I set up message title text below:

Okay, you can now go to my fanpage  and like my fanpage and type”hi there” through”Send Message”, and you will find a message from my chatbot.


There are 4 key words types you can use chat bot here, for example:

-“If Message Equals”: Message visitors consist of exact phrases you put up before.

-“If Message Start With”: Message visitors start with keywords you put up before.

-“If Message Ends With”: Message visitors end with keywords you put up before.

This is dashboard of the section:

Kind thank and You Can now go my FB fanpage you and you will see message from my chatbot as below:


It is like follow-up method in email advertising. You may set up string following-up message based on message visitors.

This is main dashboard of this section:

You Must set 3 elements up first:

-this message will be sent: You can select days, hours, or moments.

-after message: you have to set this up to make sure your follow-up message to be sent after the message you want.

-create answer: Customize your message

Here is my first follow-up message.This message will be sent after 2 minutes in the welcome message that I create as an illustration above.

And Done!


A broadcast message allows you to create flow and send it to subscribers at the same time. With this sort of engagement you may send advertising material or even only a non-promotional notification with ease.

Here is main dashboard of the section:

There are two kinds of broadcasts within this section: Subscription Broadcast and Promotional Broadcast.

-Subscription Broadcast: Subscription broadcast messages can not contain promotional materials or advertisements, but may be sent at any time.

-Promotional Broadcast broadcast messages can contain materials and ads, but can be sent to readers who were busy in the past 24 hours.

After the conclusion of the 24 hour window you have an ability to send”1 follow up message” to those recipients. You then won’t be able to send them promotional messages or advertisements until they interact with you again.

There is one thing in this segment is before sending mass messages that your audience can be set up by you:

Have a look to my screenshot above, you can set up your audience based on”full name”,”gender”,”last interaction”.

You can sort any things you want to the box and click save as below:

And you can set up to send your bulk message or schedule it.

e/Error message:

I like this sort of message chatbot.

And take a look below:

2/Lead Generation:

This module has 3 segments, including: Site widget, comment response.

a/Website Widget:

It’s like box within your site as below:

Or you can visit my demonstration site and check out it:

You have some choices, such as: page takeover, website popup, slide-in, Website chat, website chat, and site button.

Simply you put your site URL into it and click on Save and then you’ve got a single code. You paste and copy it and it is ready for you.

b/Comment Response:

When your visitors comment on your post, it means, you can set up with this keyword to inbox them on autopilot.

This is dashboard of this section:

And today I set auto response for my post up: CLICK HERE TO SEE MY FB POST

You can now go to my post and type”Info” and you will get the auto response in my chatbot.

c/Facebook Posting:

Simply this helps you schedule your Facebook post:

For example, Have a look a post I made with INBOXR:

3/ Some Modules:


a/Flow Builder:

It includes chat bot was created by by all your messages.


It includes some elements about your message such as engaged user and users dropped.


It includes.

d/Template Suite:

It includes some welcome messages and beautiful error messages for you.

e/Page Manger:

This is where you can manage your current page setting as well as all your fanpage:


-Page Settings:

Note1: Please notice from this page setting dashboard, you can link your page to”Zapier”.

f/Live Chat:

This is like Facebook Messenger, you can chat with your customers. More importantly, when visitors receive the error message in the chat bot, you can come this place.

g/Viral Content:

Here you can get free pictures from Pixabay and Flick


My review now, if you read and watch, you feel confused with this instrument. Some training videos can be watched by you for you .

It’s short and it is comprehensive so don’t worry about anything.

Note2: For Twitter, firstly you put some API key to join your Twitter accounts. Secondly you do exactly the Facebook chat bot that is like.

And I’m not going to demonstrate because it is time-consuming, how to set Twitter chat bot up here. After reading my facebook chat bot principle I think, you completely understand what you have to do.

INBOXR has contributed a great deal to my campaigns, particularly those on Facebook and Twitter. It has made the work a lot easier and more relaxing. And what I like the most about this program is that it follow the customers but also does not just care for the fans.

They push on the clients to the sales fast. By providing them recommendations and drip feeding the content, and it protects their customers. I had a terrific time. And that is the reason why I rated it with 5 stars for the quality.


Inboxr Review — Price And Upsell

Inboxr has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

-Front-End (Inboxr — $37 — $57) (See Details)

-OTO 2 (Done For You Chatbot Marketplace — $37/Month) (See Details)

-OTO 3 (WhiteLabel Chatbot and Resell License — $197) (See Details)

INBOXR is everything you will need for social media marketing. It focuses on Facebook and integrates with other platforms to be certain all your pages run easily and convertible.

INBOXR is in sales at a very reasonable price. Take your action now if you would like it. The deal will end. Thank you so much for spending your time on my INBOXR Review. See you in other writings.

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