We have been waiting a loooonngg time (seems like years), for this software release and it is finally here! The Immediate Product Engine was well worth the wait! I see the homepage and was expecting to endure a long drawn out sales (letter) video and have something different.

I received no hype, no B.S. no wild claims.

Eric went over everything in such detail that I couldn’t wait to hear the price!

He then put $997 up on the display and my hopes fell. I have been there and done that. Start at a high figure to warrant a lower figure, but still a pricey one. This didn’t happen. Though the software was well worth the grand, I was really shocked when he stated that the INTRODUCTORY PRICE was just $47!!!

There was a catch. The price was only good until January 2nd, 2012.

I didn’t wait for the movie to complete. I could not, it was too good to be true and anyway, they had a Money Back Guarantee, so, what did I need to lose? The truth was, I’ve paid much more than $47 for products that had me doing an about face to request a refund, since they were sending me the receipt!

Here’s the URL to see what I saw: Immediate Product Engine.


Upon arriving at the salespage, there is another video. Now, I am very used to this by other entrepreneurs, and you may have seen this also, in retail marketing there’s a really similar strategy called bait and switch, although not quite the same. Sure, there were no controls for the movie, except to pause it by clicking on the movie, but I did not care.

This video was even more captivating than the first. Eric took his time describing the CONTROL CENTER or the Total Power and Upgrade Management area as he called it. All I can say is WOW! Talk about Done For You!

Naveed, you’re a genius! Eric, you are pretty cool too for helping develop this wonderful software!

No downloading of code or products to have them sit on your hard disk!
A Revenue Flow which may be customized to match any need. Brendon Burchard’s 7-Page System came to mind as soon as I saw that!
Much, much more than could be described in a brief post…. .

Eric was besides himself with enthusiasm and I will admit, so was I. I was really salivating! Again, I could not wait to get into the BUY NOW button at any price!

Look, this is truly a marketer’s dream, however, I will leave this up to one to find out for yourself.

I will say this however, the true price actually floored me. It had been so low that it needs to be outlawed in at least 47 States!

Do you pride yourself on taking action? If you do, now is the time to check yourself.

Eric and Naveed are releasing this “Software of The Year” in the Introductory Price of $47 ONLY until January 2nd, 2012. Do not ask me why that date, they did not tell me. All I know is that after that, it goes up, wwaaayyy up!

Here’s your opportunity to learn what the fuss all about. Here is your time to take action. Go to the link: INSTANT PRODUCT ENGINE.

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