Proven Amazon Course Review with 100% Legit?

Proven Amazon Course Review with 100% Legit?

The course is also filled with high claims and promises that looks very appealing to everybody.

So, I decided to provide you fair insight about this item so you can make a smart decision about whether to join it or not.

Is it really that simple for Proven Amazon Course to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most of all, is Proven Amazon Course a fake or legit?

Here’s the facts;

Proven Amazon Course Review with 100% Legit?

What is Proven Amazon Course?

The Course shows people how to market any product on Amazon. It comprises all the technical aspects like how selling on Amazon functions, how to source products, how to ship products to your customers, and accept and process payments or refunds.

The training consists of training documents, video tutorials, PDFs, and other resources along with access to their own Facebook group which has over 50,000 members.

The program is one of the best courses available on FBA business model, and it is always updated with the addition of new creative strategies.

There are many other classes on this business model as well like;

  • Amazing Selling Machine
  • Amazon Bootcamp
  • AmaSuite

All the classes have their merits and demerits, but I believe that Proven Amazon Course is the best which I should suggest to everyone who’s serious in this business model.

What’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

In FBA, the seller sends items to Amazon’s fulfillment centers to store. The vendor promotes those items, and then these will be sent by Amazon instead of sellers.

Other than that Amazon is also in charge of the types, packs, ships, tracks and handles returns and refunds for these products. Amazon takes responsibility for the quality and delivery of those items.

Because of FBA, the smaller vendors get access to Amazon’s web-to-warehouse picking and sorting system and other logistics providers.

Thus vendor can concentrate more on other aspects of their business. Shipping costs and 24/7 customer support are included in vendor fees.

What’s Included in the Course?

The entire concept is based on finding the gap between demand and supply and then sources those products from different providers to fill this gap.

Let us look at different segments of the course;


  • Inventory Sourcing
  • An entire course of 30+ high-profit sourcing strategies
  • How to get other people to source for you by building a sourcing team?
  • Expert-compiled Collection of over 200 legitimate wholesale sources
  • Where to locate virtually unlimited sources of stock irrespective of where you live in the world. We included in a course that others paid $1,500 for this shows you STEP BY STEP how to find profitable inventory any time you would like!

Private Labeling

  • How to build your brand of private label products that you are able to sell directly online or to other vendors. They have numerous #1 Best
  • Selling Private Label Products among the teachers and the pupils of the Proven Amazon Course.


  • How to easily ship your inventory in bulk at low dirt prices directly to Amazon’s warehouse?
  • How to price your stock higher than your competition while still outselling them?
  • How to automate the whole process so you only check your sales reports?
  • How to run your business from anywhere and automate it?
  • International FBA
  • How to market products anywhere to anywhere?
  • Going international for US-based sellers
  • Promoting into Amazon US from other countries


  • The simple tools you can take with you anywhere you go so you can immediately spot the”winning stock” and within a couple of mouse clicks be 100% done with your part of the job. Amazon does the rest.
  • Discounts on services and tools that can help you automate your business, boost your productivity, and optimize your profits


  • Access to their very active private Facebook group with over 50k members and dozens of helpful moderators prepared to support you if you prefer Facebook over conventional forums.
  • This is”ongoing training” with an ever-developing forum with new specialists asking to join all the time.

The Good

1. Training from the Proper People

Apart from the proprietor Cockrum and his team, there are also a huge number of successful FBA experts that have led to PAC, such as Skip McGrath who is the owner of The Complete Amazon Marketing System and Jessica Larrew who is also a wonderful expert.

The course is included everything you need to know from start to finish. Also, I must appraise their sourcing strategies which are covered in depth.

A few of the links will take you to the terrific resources, including a link to Amazon FBA’s YouTube station where they teach you how to wrap, label, package, and send your merchandise.

2. Active Facebook Group & Forum

The Facebook group and MySilentTeam forum had a flood of action happening. From the Facebook group, a lot of questions were being asked daily, and a lot of answers also!

I must say that having a support community was essential to my own success, so I need to give major credit to PAC owners for providing this service to buyers of the product.

These two useful resources are sufficient reason solely to possibly choose PAC as my #1 ranked product to find out FBA business model.

3. Legit Business Model

You’re stepping in something that is not only untrue but also has a massive potential. Amazon is number 3 rank site all around the world, and its client base is increasing year after year.

There are still plenty of different niches with tons of potential to private label and make your own successful brand which can be sold later.

You will learn how to rank your products on the Amazon and when it gets rank, you get organic sales and start earning huge income passively. At that time you don’t need to focus on paid advertising.

Even if you are a small business, you can use this business model to make good income month after month.

4. You Can Use it globally

Yeah, that is true! Your country does not matter. They have enormous success stories in Europe, Canada, and all around the globe!

With FBA, now you can serve orders across over 25 European nations posing local yields handling and customer service in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

However, if still, you are from a different part of the world, they will direct you everything about how to have the product sent from ANYPLACE in the world into an Amazon warehouse without ever seeing it or touching it.

5.Better Business Bureau Accredited

The course is a component of a company Cockrum Computer Services, Inc. that is BBB accredited business and has ratings of A+. I haven’t seen any complaint registered with the BBB, which is a very good sign.

However, BBB is not a standard for checking a company whether it’s worthwhile or not but still all those above stats shows that the Company cares all of its consumers.

6. Different Training Formats

The course makes it exciting by introducing it through video training, webinars, podcasts, and PDF guides. So, you can use the training in formats whatever you want.

The Bad

1. Not User-Friendly

If you only look at the member’s area, you first get the impression of seeing something that is dissymmetrical. You do not know where to find the beginning and where it gets the finish.

Especially beginners, who find the member’s area too complex and information overwhelming. Some of the lessons are too long and aren’t divided correctly. Therefore, if at a later date you want to get some specific info, it could take your few hours merely to locate it.

The design and the design of this member’s area look unprofessional. Some of the members are complaining of videos do not render properly, and you can not find out what is going.

2. Not as Simple as You Might Thing

I know if you stop by the Prove Amazon Course site, you will see it is easy to generate a fantastic income within a short period.

Believe me; it takes investment along with patience. Aside from this course price, you should also buy an inventory of $1,000 to begin. Do not forget the other cost that Amazon will charge you for services and space it will provide.

Final Verdict:

However, if you think this business model is not for you or you cannot afford it, I recommend you to see my personal favorite, Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t know how to work on affiliate marketing, I suggest you to combine Wealthy Affiliate.

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